ChocolateBrowsing Dizzy Dee I found and easy and mainly a quick way to make a chocolate cake. Eating cookies or chocolate as part of breakfast that includes proteins and carbs also helps stem the craving for sweets later.

New research has emerged proving that chocolate is good not only for the soul, but for your mind and body as well. Dark chocolate is good for your heart. A small bar on a daily basis can help keep your heart and your cardiovascular system works.

We only need to check if it is so tasty as it seems to be.

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keylockerLooking over my last blog adquisitions, I read a very simple and easy way to unlock our car (I will say it again, our car) if we forgot the keys inside it.

Videos likes this make me think about the utility of locking the car with the key. Better than that, if it works, I don’t know why thieves broke three times the key lock of my car (It was parked inside my building garage), if this simpley way exists.Continue reading