How to open the car if we forgot the keys. Only owners!

keylockerLooking over my last blog adquisitions, I read a very simple and easy way to unlock our car (I will say it again, our car) if we forgot the keys inside it.

Videos likes this make me think about the utility of locking the car with the key. Better than that, if it works, I don’t know why thieves broke three times the key lock of my car (It was parked inside my building garage), if this simpley way exists.

Appears to be very simple, whenever I can I’ll try it with my car to see if really works. Whoever test it by his owns could inform us of their results. You know, we have to self experiment things to increase our skills and knowledge.

(Note: I do my best trying to write English versions of my articles. If you see any mistake and want to help me please write down a comment with the details)

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